Sunday, August 22, 2010

High Seas Adventure

I traveled across town last week and got caught up in a high seas adventure.

No, I was not accosted by pirates - although I did see a few. I did not get sea sick - although there was a mighty storm and many people got soaked! What, you wonder, happened to me?

Well, I followed the scent of adventure and ended up at Memorial Baptist Church, where close to 100 children and 80 volunteers were involved in the annual Vacation Bible School.
Following the theme of an expedition on the high seas, the church sanctuary had been transformed into an ancient sailing ship complete with seagulls flying overhead.

Whales and dolphins swam in the craft room.

A talking chipmunk named Chadder starred in a video adventure that left us hanging at the end of each day's segment wondering if he would ever see land again and be able to stave off the evil intentions of the mutineers.

I think I have shared enough for you to get a taste of what happens at several churches around town when they host children from the community for a week of Vacation Bible School. Christian leaders spend hours of time and creative energy to help the children of Stratford have a great time while learning about God.

Through active games, crafts, fun Bible lessons, rousing songs, and amazing snacks, they share God's love with the kids who come. Thank you to all of you who volunteer to host these summer events. May God bless you and the children that you serve in this very worthwhile endeavour.

You can also see this article in Your Daily Source available at local coffee shops, businesses and laundromats in the
Around town with Helen Harrison
column on August 25,2010.

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