Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fine Art Photography

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting the RPA Photography studio. Rob and Peggy Andrews moved to Stratford recently and set up a studio in their home on Shakespeare Street where they live with their two cats and three birds. Rob is a Fine Art Photographer accredited by the Professional Photographers of Ontario, and recently recognized in the National Image Competition of Professional Photographers of Canada as a photographer "with the ability to produce above average images for (his) clientele." (Press Release from PPOC May 12, 2010).

I was thrilled to see some of the exquisite artistry that he creates with a combination of top-notch equipment, an artist's eye for line and light, and a sense of adventure when it comes to the use of Photoshop on his computer.

Right now, until October 31, 2010, Rob is offering a special deal for pet lovers. He is calling it Puss and Pooch. (Did I mention that he has a great sense of humour.)For a very reasonable price he will give a client an hour of his time, photograph the pet on location in a favorite outdoor spo t as well as in his studio, touch up the photos and then provide a choice of pictures with half of the "sitting" fee going towards prints. RPA Photography also offers matting, framing, and mounting as well as other special features.

If you would like to see more samples of his artwork or to book a sitting, check out his website at

A version of this blog post appeared in Your Daily Source, August 19 to 27, 2010.

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